Casey R. Wyatt

Amarillo, Bushland & Canyon Real Estate

Being a above average REALTOR, takes knowledge in several areas. We are required to know about the Lending Requirements, Interest Rates, Closing Process and the Closing Cost.

We also have to be able to adjust with Market. When we are working in a Buyer's Market (when there's more Homes then Buyers) we still have to make our Homes stand out above the rest. Than opposite of that when it is a Seller Market (more Buyers than Houses) we have to make sure that the Home isn't overpriced, it's in good shape and that its not inflated because of the Market.

I know how the Facebook & Twitter generations are. That is why I have created this feature on my website. It allows you to instantly talk with me, with out picking up your phone.


If and when I am not available you can always email me at or give me a call at 806.683.7459.


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